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Dental Emergencies and Tooth Pain

At Laird Dental we welcome dental emergencies. We do our best to see you as soon as we possibly can!


What is Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain is a pain that originates from the tooth and may radiate to other areas of the face or head. People who have experience with tooth pain believe it is the worse pain they have felt! A tooth becomes painful when the cavity become bigger and involves the nerve of the tooth. At first the pain if only to cold or hot or sweet food. If you attend to the teeth early you may be able to avoid the cavity becoming larger and causing pain. In some cases the tooth is cracked and that is the reason for pain.

How to relieve Tooth Pain at home?

Nothing will fully relieve a sever toothache at home. Using over the counter pain killers help most of the time. But the effect is temporary until you see a dentist to deal with it professionally.

What is done to relieve Tooth Pain at the dental office?

After clinical examination and possibly taking needed x-rays the dentist will let you know why you are experiencing pain. If the nerve of the tooth is involved then a root canal treatment is recommended. At Laird Dental we make sure to give you all options you may have for treating your pain. We will proceed with treatment only after you are fully educated on the process!

Does Laird Dental accept dental emergencies?

At Laird Dental we welcome emergencies. We do our best to see you as soon as we possibly can. Dr Darvishan's experience and expertise guarantees that your pain is relieved as quickly as possible and to send you home smiling! Book your appointment today if you have even a small tooth pain to avoid severe ones!!!

  • At Laird Dental we welcome all members of your family

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