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Teeth Whitening

As we are confident in our expertise we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary Cosmetic consultation! And see it for yourself!


Can anyone do Teeth Whitening?

Most individuals can use it either at home or in-office Teeth Whitening. But first, we have to make sure there are no cavities present. Also, Whitening is not recommended in children and teenagers, as it may damage the nerve of the teeth. At Laird Dental we provide complimentary whitening for our patients.

Teeth Whitening

Many of us feel that our smiles are most striking when our teeth look especially white and healthy, but unfortunately, soft drinks, coffee, red wine, tea, and tobacco can cause yellowing and staining. To help you restore your smile to the level of whiteness you desire and to give you an added boost of confidence Laird Dental will gladly advise on the best option available for you.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening 

Achieving the beautiful, brilliant smile you want may be as simple as having a professional teeth whitening treatment at your dental office

Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Hygiene, Teeth cleanings help maintain the overall health

    1 hr

    Price Vary
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