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Basic Dental Care

The following are some concerns that many people have about going to the dentist and dental care:

What can I do about being scared? Dental anxiety is being nervous before or during a dental visit. This can make going to the dentist a difficult experience. You can take steps to limit your anxiety, such as explaining your fears to the dentist and setting up a system of hand signals.Do I need teeth whitening? Teeth whitening uses a bleaching product or an abrasive to make teeth whiter. Teeth whitening is not a medical procedure-it does not result in healthier teeth-but it can result in a brighter smile. This in turn can make people feel better about themselves. Teeth whitening works better for some types of stains than others, so talk to your dentist about whether it is right for you and about the products and procedures available.Do older adults have any special concerns? Concerns of older adults include dentures and trouble brushing.

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